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Our (Artificial Flowers) are as lovely as our fresh flowers in fact they look amazingly real. Beautiful colours and stunning displays are what we are all about. Whatever you choose you will surely find that we leave the others all behind.

Our First Employee

That was me. I had been in window dressing years ago in the West End of London and learnt a lot about colours and the quality of displays and what it is that  attracts people to look in shop windows. Everything we buy is based on colour in the first instance. If a window display stands out above the rest people will be drawn to return for a second look. The more often the window scenery is changed the more people will take notice.When windows stay unchanged in shops for many weeks and months people do not look, they will just walk by. The window needs to be eye-catching to make potential customers stop and look at your products.

1,000 Happy Customers

For many years I have been in the Wedding Industry as a Wedding Planner Florist-Caterer and Venue Decorator. I have everything under one umbrella so I am able to supply my Bride and Groom and anyone that is celebrating any special Occasion everything that they need for their special day. In addition to this the floral decorations are a focal point for the venue as well as the wedding flowers, and the flower side of the business is now moving forward into a new direction. I am going to open a flower shop and customers will be able to order online and either collect them or  have us deliver them to your chosen place.